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Credentialed Veterinary Professional Recognition Program

Thank you for your interest in Canna Companion for your personal pets. 

Our commitment - what you can expect from us

Aligned with their veterinary oath to serve animals, the veterinarians who founded Canna Companion as well as the credentialed technicians are committed to:

  • Interpreting the latest cannabinoid-based research.
  • Develop clean and consistent quality products for animals.
  • Provide free consultations to pet parents.
  • Maintain regulatory compliance as a Primary Supplier of NASC.
  • Partner with select dealers to maintain the integrity of our brand.

Your commitment - what we expect from you

  • Tap Canna Companion as a resource when you have questions.
  • Sale of our product or violation of any copyright is prohibited.
  • Provide current or updated credentials to maintain your discount (we will remind you)

I acknowledge and agree that Canna Companion may revoke the discount at any time for any reason deemed inappropriate use of the discount.